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2018 Warrior's College Experience Residential Camp

Are you ready for college? Have thoughts of a profession in Health Care or in a STEM field?  Want to be challenged, meet new people and have fun?  If you answered yes to any of these, then the WSU C2 Pipeline Warriors College Experience is for you!

Participants of this busy 11 day experience will get a sense of what college life is like.  They will live and eat in dorms, and attend classes taught by Wayne State University faculty and staff.  Each day is filled from morning to night with organized programs that are designed to expose you to a variety of things.

Mornings are reserved to prepare students for time and stress management, conflict resolution and improved study skills.  These skills can be immediately applied in high school, but especially when entering college.  In the afternoon, students attend classes which have been modified specifically for this program by Wayne State professors in the areas of nursing, medicine, social work, engineering, dentistry and pharmacy and health sciences. 

In the evenings, students meet with their assigned inter-professional education team (IPE). Each team will receive a challenge, requiring several days of intensive planning and preparation.  At the end of the program, teams will present their work and compete for scholarship money to attend Wayne State University.

Students entering their senior year in the fall will have the opportunity to meet with the Wayne State University Admissions Office.  During this time, representatives will speak about the admissions process and university requirements.  Students that have submitted their SAT/ACT scores and high school will be able to complete and submit their application right on the spot (with a waived application fee)!!

There are community service projects, organized recreational activities and a Gala at the end of the program.  There is never a dull moment from the time the students move into their dorm rooms to the time they get picked up from the Gala.  Along the way, they meet new friends, have a better understanding of college life and maybe decide upon a new career.

  • July 23rd through August 2nd, Towers Residence Hall (Midtown Campus)
  • Geared towards students entering their senior year for the 2018 - 2019 school year
  • Students will choose a "track" of their interest and learn more about that speficic career/field 
  • Students will be able to experience firsthand what college is like
  • Students will attend pre-planned activities and sleep overnight in our on campus residential halls

Six Track Options for the Warrior's College Experience 

Along with filling out an application for each track, every student must fill out a 2018-2019 C2 Pipeline Registration Form. Please email completed registration forms to c2pipeline@wayne.edu or mail completed forms and payment to:

Don Neal
C2 Pipeline Summer Programs
5557 Cass Ave., #325.3
Detroit, MI 48202

Medicine Track

Nursing Track

Engineering Track

Pharmacy & Health Sciences Track 

Social Work Track 

Dentistry Track 

Summer 2018 Day Camps

All summer 2018 day camps are geared toward students in grades 8th-11th and will be held on campus at Wayne State University, Monday-Thursday. Transportation to campus and meals are provided daily for each camp. Along with filling out an application for each summer camp, every student must fill out a 2017-2018 C2 Pipeline Registration Form. Please email completed registration forms to c2pipeline@wayne.edu or mail completed forms and payment to:

Don Neal
C2 Pipeline Summer Programs
5557 Cass Ave., #325.3
Detroit, MI 48202

Beyond the Lemonade Stand: Young Entrepreneurs Create Great Businesses 
  • Students will visit local entrepreneurs in downtown Detroit
  • Students will research and analyze business ideas and develop a business plan
  • Students will examine entrepreneurism as a career option, develop skills, resources and ethics of a business owner

Water Quality & Environmental Testing 
  • Students will travel to several destinations to learn about water quality and ecosystems
  • Students will learn how to run different tests to determine the quality of water from locations visited
  • Students will examine local species from water samples collected from locations visited 
  • Students will meet environmental scientists and learn about their careers 

Movie Making

  • Students will collaborate in teams to create a short film
  • Students will learn to use equipment and software used in film production
  • Students will visit the WSU Marketing & Communication Department, home of U-TV

Rube Goldberg/Tinker Bot 

  • Students will investigate the concepts of physics through hands on activities
  • Students will explore and demonstrate simple machines in groups
  • Students will design, build and test a Rube Goldberg machine

Biomedical Engineering & Sports Medicine

  • Students will explore the field of biomedical engineering
  • Students will create and build a prototype of athletic personal protective equipment
  • Students will apply the design process to imagine, plan and build solutions to sports equipment
  • Students will test protective sports equipment

Forensic Investigation 

  • Students will explore the field of forensic investigation
  • Students will engage in drug and soil toxicology detection and identification of recovered bones
  • Students will learn about ballistics, bullet striations and gunshot residue
  • Students will solve a crime scene


  • Create something original and useful
  • Students will be introduced to the field of 3D printing
  • Students will explore Thingiverse and other software to create prints

 Nursing SIM Lab 

  • Students will work with WSU Nursing faculty to explore the profession of nursing
  • Students will design and run a simulation in the College of Nursing's state of the art simulation lab
  • Students will how to perform physical assessments, take vitals, communicate with patients and discuss birthing

STEM World

  • Students will learn about science, technology, engineering and math through hands on activities
  • Students will explore 3D printing, drones, design & engineering concepts and food science
  • Students will take a field trip to the Michigan Science Center

Underwater Robotics

  • Students will collaborate, plan and work as a team to engage in electrical & design engineering
  • Students will learn how to safely use power tools
  • Students will create an underwater robot & compete in an underwater robot race

Bio Printing & Tissue Engineering Camp 

  • Students will be introduced to the field of bioprinting 
  • Students will learn how tissue and other objects are made with a bioprinter 
  • Students will discover how bioprinting can positively affect the future 

Camp Apple  

  • Students will be introduced to multiple fields in the school of Pharmacy & Health Sciences 
  • Students will gain an understanding of different careers and fields such as: Pathologists' Assistant, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Radiation Therapy, Forensic Investigation, Mortuary Science, Doctor of Pharmacy, Pharmacology & Toxicology, and Physician Assistant. 

GROSS! Anatomy

  • Students will be introduced to the science of dissecting
  • Students will participate in dissections, including but not limited to: sheep brains, owl pellets, and cow eyes 
  • The last day of the camp will involve a field trip to the morgue

Camp Improv  

  • Students will participate in improvisation while learning about challenging situations
  • Students will learn conflict resolution strategies and how to apply them in the real world 
  • Students will act out difficult situations to teach other how to properly react in certain situations