Healthy Living and Fitness

Healthy Living and Fitness

How to stay fit and healthy at home with exercises, fitness tips, and nutrition!


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  • Monday: Memorial Day - No Program

    Have a wonderful Memorial Day!

  • Tuesday: Nutrition Degree & HIIT Workouts

    Activity Description:

    Students will understand what a Nutrition Degree means and various ways they can utilize it.

    Students will learn the difference between traditional cardio workouts and strength training.

    Students will learn how to perform at home strength training workouts.

    Supplies Needed:

    Smart device/computer, water bottle with water, workout mat if preferred.

  • Wednesday: Basics of Strength Training

    Activity Description:

    Participants will learn about the process of weight training and lifting weight; learn and discuss the major muscle groups of the body and engage in a basic strength training workout

    Supplies Needed:

    Towel, yoga mat, water bottle, book bag (filled with objects or books to be used as a weight), 2 water bottles or canned good items to use as dumbbells, mini loop resistance bands/resistance band ropes with handle

  • Thursday: Core Training /Nutrition/Careers

    Activity Description:

    Core Training /Nutrition/Careers


    Smart phone, laptop or tablet, Water bottle, towel