Indicator 1.10

ST 1.10:​ ​Provider facilitates partner and stakeholder engagement for participation in and/or support of the STEM program.

Rating: 4


C2 Students Building and Programming Drones

Community, post-secondary and business/industry STEM partners and/or families meet frequently and regularly to collaborate with, support and sustain the STEM program and to create a STEM pipeline. Wayne State University and other institutions of higher education in Michigan recognized the worldwide need for STEM degree programs. The industries are still concerned for talent to maintain a vital workforce for future innovative endeavors. WSU C2 Pipeline Project has embraced the need in nurturing the next generation scholars, designers, and innovators. 

C2 Students working with the College of
Engineering during Aerospace Camp

The WSU C2 Pipeline is committed to working collaboratively with partners to create and maintain a STEM culture and recognizes Michigan as center of innovation. WSU C2 Pipeline has developed partnerships that include stakeholders, students, parents, educators, and the business community.

These partnerships have initiated dialogues and campaigns that benefit business industry with teachers training, parent training with programs such as; Boys Scouts of America, University of Detroit Dental School and MDE. WSU C2 Pipeline provide parents the opportunity to get involved in STEM, support regional and local events that provide visual awareness of STEM, Modeling the Michigan Department of Education Top Strategy that include STEM Frameworks, participates and in state, federal and local STEM training's, active members of State and regional STEM related advisory and advocacy groups, and seek an intensive assessment review through AdvancED to recognize WSU C2 Pipeline as certificated STEM Program.​


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