Indicator 1.11

ST 1.11:​ Learners are supported in their STEM learning through adult-world connections and extended-day or extended-year opportunities.

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WSU C2 Pipeline facilitates engagement for all learners in STEM-specific, age- appropriate, formal programs of mentorship, apprenticeship, internships, research, or job shadowing with researchers, business/industry, or other community partners. There are multiple ongoing extended day opportunities with researchers, business/industry, and/or community partners to engage learners in STEM learning.

WSU C2 Pipeline began the journey to design a high quality STEM experience for students in some of the most underprivileged high schools within some of the highest poverty areas in southeast Michigan.   The educators examined criteria for high quality STEM curriculum, practices and methods to engage targeted students. 

C2 Pipeline Students doing Community Service


C2 Pipeline Student Projects in Anatomy in Clay

As a provider we collaborate with students, educators, parents, business and industries to promote and we all agreed that high quality STEM must include: hands on problem-based, authentic, engaging and experiential activities for all students.  WSU C2 Pipeline curriculum is aligned to Michigan Science and Mathematics Standards.  We embrace teamwork; leadership, critical thinking and professionalism as we connect with industry partners, value the educators' educational management and involved the parents and community in the pipeline to STEM.  As our ultimate goal to provide an atmosphere for students to express themselves, have fun applying STEM skills and interest to creatively solve personal, relevant and real-world problems. WSU C2 Pipeline is uniquely planned to provide nineteen high school centers with a full service programs that is available to students, educators and parents within the school day as a support and a intensive after school programs that is dedicated to embracing STEM as a introduction to students pathways to science, technology, engineering and mathematics related careers that enhances their outlook on the future and world within their life. WSU C2 Pipeline provides multiple opportunities for our partners to engage learners in STEM. As the WSU C2 Pipeline advances as a leader in STEM programming we recognize also that STEM should be introduced to our learners in their education journey.  As we create scholars in science, technology, engineering, mathematics and health our plans continue to include collaborate with educators, parents, partners, industries, state and federal departments of education. 

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