Indicator 1.4

ST 1.4:​ ​Learners use technology resources to conduct research, demonstrate creative
and critical thinking, and communicate and work collaboratively.

Rating: 2

IPE Team Presenting their Project at the 2017 Gala

WSU C2 Pipeline provides learners at the high school centers with a range of technological resources in their STEM learning experiences during, after, and away from school. Students at the high school centers utilize technological devices beyond laptops. They have opportunities to use electronic sound boards, photography equipment, 3D printers, bio-printers, drones and robots. Technology is embedded in the daily school curriculum and expands in the C2 Pipeline after school initiatives and activities.

School Year
Girls Who Code Curriculum
Drones Curriculum
3D Printing Curriculum
Podcasting Evidence Checklist
Day Camps
Crime Scene
UROV Curriculum
Summer Residential
Residential Reseach Guide
Mentor Library