Indicator 1.5

T 1.5: ​Learners demonstrate their learning through performance-based assessments
and express their conclusions through elaborated explanations of their thinking.

Rating: 3



WSU C2 Pipeline facilitates opportunities for all learners to demonstrate their STEM learning through performance-based assessments. Students' performance expectations are developed and aligned to a general context for all learners in Michigan. WSU C2 Pipeline works collaboratively with the Michigan Department of Education (MDE) to identify specific versions of the standards for students' performance-based expectations, to make learning more engaging and authentic.  When students engage in the science of learning the content becomes more meaningful. WSU C2 Pipeline lessons are carefully designed so that students have opportunities to not only learn the essential science content, but to practice being scientist or engineers. We provide these opportunities to set the stage for students to transition to college and STEM careers. WSU C2 Pipeline provides high school centers with science and engineering practices in the context of core ideas that support the student movement through high school.


Also the pipeline allows for the learners to see the connection of based core ideas to larger science concepts that cross -disciplinary lines.   The Michigan standards are built in research. These standards are to guide curricular design to support performance expectations and state assessments.  The performance-based assessments activities that aligned to Michigan standards the Science and Engineering Practices from the Framework: (1) Asking questions, (2) Developing and using models, (3) Planning and carrying out investigations, (4) Analyzing and interpreting data, (5) Constructing explanations and designing solutions, (6) Engaging in argument for evidence, (7) Using mathematics and computational thinking and (8) Obtaining, evaluating and communicating information.