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ST 1.6:​ The interdisciplinary, problem-based curriculum includes a focus on real world

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WSU C2 Pipeline ensures that most of the curriculum is mapped and aligned to internationally accepted research- or standards- based frameworks. 

WSU C2 Pipeline curriculum is mapped and aligned to Michigan's science standards that are organized by grade and are standard-based frameworks. The curriculum integrates the students learning across and beyond STEM disciplines. The grade levels build on this foundation to develop a more sophisticated understanding of science concepts within and across disciplines. This structure also allows WSU C2 Pipeline high school centers to design local courses and pathways that make sense for their students and leverages available instructional resources. It is recommended that each school utilize assessment oriented grade bands (9-12) to organize curriculum instruction around the standards.

WSU C2 Pipeline's direct collaboration with MDE provides guidance on appropriate strategies to be applied locally in each high school center. The performance expectations are organized around topics. While each topical cluster of performance expectations addresses the topic, the wording of each performance expectation reflects the three-dimensions of science learning outlined in A Framework for K-12 Science Education: cross-cutting concepts, disciplinary core ideas, and science and engineering practices students can connect the core ideas from the various disciplines into a "cumulative, coherent, and usable understanding of science and engineering" These crosscutting concepts are... Patterns, Cause and Effect, Scale, Proportion, Quantity, Systems and Systems Models, Energy and Matter in Systems, Structure and Function, Stability and Change of System.

C2 Pipeline Students dissecting and
examining a heart
C2 Pipeline Student and instructor
working on UROV

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