Indicator 1.8

ST 1.8:​ STEM learning outcomes demonstrate learners' STEM literacy necessary for the next level of STEM learning and for post-secondary and workforce readiness.

Rating: 3


Data on learners' STEM content knowledge and skills, cross-cutting competencies, and creative and critical thinking strategies demonstrate readiness and success at the next level of STEM learning, for high schools, post-secondary and workforce readiness. The WSU C2 Pipeline program diligently strives at working to ensure that our students and their families understand what it means to follow a STEM pathway and the steps that lead to a successful STEM career. It's imperative that as a provider we fuel the students' desire to seek STEM experiences both inside and outside of school, and to help all students feel that STEM is accessible and feel prepared to continue on to higher education and/or a career in STEM.​

Students working in the College of Nursing
Students working in the College of Nursing






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