South Lake

Site coordinator: Jeff Jantz 

My name is Jeff Jantz and I am the Site Coordinator at South Lake High School.   I strive to continuously come up with new ideas for our program to keep things interesting, keep students active and expose them to new ideas and concepts.  I have a diverse set of skills and experiences to bring to the table from skilled trades to film making.  I even spent some time in the entertainment business.  I earned a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art from Wayne State University.  In my spare time, I enjoy working on sculptures, illustrations and the children's books I am working on publishing. My favorite activity in our program is the Empowerment Improv class.  It is a lot of fun to see how students react and problem solve when given tough, fictional scenarios.  Click on the Resources tab to find out more information about our Empowerment Improv curriculum!

Please feel free to contact me at

Program operation: Monday - Thursday during the school year

Release Dinner Career Pathway General Session
3:35 PM 3:35 - 4:05 PM 4:05 - 5:05 PM 5:05 - 6:05 PM