C2 Pipeline SPORTZ! channel is an engaging educational curriculum rooted for students to engage virtually and physically. C2 Pipeline SPORTZ!  will focus on the various ball sports (basketball, football, baseball and soccer) as well as formulates a curriculum designed to teach students about the everyday growth and popularity of E-Sport. SPORTZ! also will travel out of the box for a high adventure outdoor experience! The variety of highly exciting adventures will include activities like backpacking, hiking, kayaking, mountain biking, bike maintenance, hot air ballooning, fishing, camping and last but not least the highly popular skill of how to clean a fish! Join us for the thrills, ingenuity and creative landscapes of SPORTZ!


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  • Monday: Memorial Day - No Program

    Have a wonderful Memorial Day!

  • Tuesday: Fishing

    Activity Description:

    Students will be introduced to the sport of Fishing and will learn to clean a fish!




  • Wednesday: Intro to Interval Training

    Activity Description:

    Intro to Interval Training

    Supplies Needed:

    Running shoes (basketball shoes or cross-training shoes also work), water bottle (or glass of water)

  • Thursday: E-Sports

    Activity Description: 

    Students will be introduced to various equipment that the top eSports Players from around the world use.

    Supplies Needed:

    Internet Access, Computer or Cell Phone, Tablet