Travel the World with C2 Pipeline

Travel the World with C2 Pipeline 

Do you want to travel the world?  Join the C2 Pipeline as we explore regions across the globe!  We'll be learning about cultures, languages, cuisines and much more through interactive episodes of our virtual program.  Throughout our exploration of different cities we'll stop by museums, take tours of historical sites and listen to the music that you would hear walking down the streets.  Here are some of the places we'll be visiting: 

  • Paris, France 
  • London, England 
  • Rome, Italy 
  • New York, New York 
  • Los Angeles, California 
  • Mexico City, Mexico 
  • Tokyo, Japan 
  • Many more! 

We can't wait to Travel the World with C2 Pipeline (and you)! 


Click this link to join the program: Travel the World

  • Monday: Memorial Day - No Program

    Have a wonderful Memorial Day!

  • Tuesday: Tour and Budgeting for North America

    Activity Description:

    Students will learn how to budget for a North American excursion.

    Supplies Needed:

    Computer w/ internet access (Phone also works), paper, pencil, calculator (phone also works), sticky notes (if available)


  • Wednesday: North American Cuisine: Poutine

    Activity Description:

    Student will learn how to make a Canadian favorite: Poutine

    Supplies Needed:

    Ingredients: French fries, meat based gravy (or broth), cheese curds, flour, and butter.

    Supplies: skillet and cooking oil.


  • Thursday: Where should I stay in North America?

    Activity Description:

    Students will showcase what they've learned throughout our 6-week channel by participating in a budgeting challenge.  Students will be assigned to different cities across North America (New York City, Toronto, Chicago) and will have to plan their perfect vacation.  Students will be given the same budget ($2000), the same travel dates (Sept. 17-21) and the same number of people in their traveling party (2).  They'll have to find where to stay that fits into their budget and is near tourist attractions they'd be interested in seeing.


    Computer or phone, writing utensils, and paper