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Empowerment Improvisation Curriculum

Empowerment Improv was developed to give high school students an opportunity to address tough situations that they may be faced with while in a safe environment. The goal is for students to gain experience and learn to use conflict as an opportunity to be successful in school and in life. The program has been extremely popular with students at our 15 CPipeline centers.

The Wayne State University C2 Pipeline program has made this curriculum available to other educational programs at no cost. We ask that all participating program staff, facilitators and students take a brief online survey to provide feedback for continuous improvement of the curriculum. As a facilitator, please note changes and additions that prove to be successful in your program and share them with us! To download this FREE curriculum please click here. (PDF)

How to Teach Chess Guide 

The game of chess has so many benefits, problem solving, critical thinking increased brain function and focus. But it can seem intimidating to learn how to play. Now you can bring chess to your classroom, after school program, library or community center and learn to play and right along with your students.  The How to Teach Chess, Even If You Don't Know How To Play guide breaks the game down into simple "mini games". Allowing you and  your students to learn one or two pieces and concepts of the game at a time. The Wayne State University C2 pipeline program is happy to share this great resource absolutely free.  We just ask that you send us an email to let us know how it works for your program. To download this FREE guide please click here. (PDF)

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Wayne State College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences Career Pathways 

Wayne State University College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences has multiple career pathways for prospective students. These careers range from Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Pathologists' Assistant, Physician Assistant, Clinical Laboratory Scientist, Funeral Director, Radiologic Technology, and Radiation Therapy Tech. To learn more about what is required to get into this program and what the starting salary is for this career, please click here